Analyst Actions March 24-28


We’re going to start posting more data-driven content that we hope readers will find useful.  The first project is to aggregate the analyst calls for the week. TipRanks ( does a good job quantifying analysts, and with their permission I’ve aggregated all of the 5-start ranked analyst actions this week.

Let us know if you find this useful and what format you’d like to see.


5-Start Analyst Actions for Week March 24-28

Institution Analyst Symbol Action Date Link
Imperial Capital Kim Pacanovsky $SYRG BUY 3/28/2014
Jefferies Ross Macmillan $VMW BUY 3/28/2014
RBC Capital Mark Mahaney $P BUY 3/28/2014
BMO Capital Jim Birchenough $ISIS BUY 3/27/2014
RBC Capital Mark Mahaney $GOOG BUY 3/27/2014
Societe Generale Andy Perkins $BBRY SELL 3/27/2014
Morgan Stanley Adam Jonas $HTZ SELL 3/27/2014
Cantor Fitz. Youssef Squali $GOOG BUY 3/27/2014
D.A. Davidson Stephen Geyen $TCB HOLD 3/27/2014
D.A. Davidson Stephen Geyen $ASBC HOLD 3/27/2014
Wedbush Steven Koenig $ANSS BUY 3/27/2014
Needham Alex Henderson $SILC BUY 3/27/2014
FBR Capital Steven Halper $CERN BUY 3/26/2014
BMO Capital Jim Birchenough $ARIA BUY 3/26/2014
Robert W. Baird Ben Kallo $SZYM BUY 3/26/2014
FBR Capital Jake Fuller $PENN BUY 3/26/2014
Morgan Stanley Keith Weiss $VRNS HOLD 3/25/2014
Topeka Capital Victor Anthony $TWTR BUY 3/25/2014
Wells Fargo Marci Ryvicker $GOOG BUY 3/25/2014
Barclays Stephen Kim $PHM SELL 3/25/2014
FBR Capital Daniel Ives $PANW BUY 3/25/2014
Wunderlich Robert Derrington $SONC BUY 3/25/2014
Imperial Capital Bob McAdoo $ENT BUY 3/25/2014
Goldman Sachs Jerry Revich $PCAR BUY 3/25/2014
Goldman Sachs Jerry Revich $KBR HOLD 3/25/2014
Topeka Capital David Miller $LGF BUY 3/25/2014
Cormark Richard Tse $BBRY BUY 3/24/2014
MKM Partners Ian Ing $NVDA HOLD 3/24/2014
Pacific Crest Andy Hargreaves $AAPL BUY 3/24/2014
RBC Capital Mark Mahaney $PCLN BUY 3/24/2014
Merrill Lynch Krish Sankar $AMAT HOLD 3/24/2014
Deutsche Bank Ross Sandler $TWTR BUY 3/24/2014
Credit Suisse Daniel Oppenheim $NCS BUY 3/24/2014
Needham Laura Martin $TRIP BUY 3/24/2014
Robert W. Baird Ben Kallo $SPWR BUY 3/24/2014


TipRanks is a browser application that allows you to instantly see the track record and measured performance of any analyst you come across online, so you know who to trust! To learn more, visit:

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